1. The Less Trilogy – Painless, Blindless & Timeless

The Less Trilogy is the story of Augustus Valentine.

Painless – Aug is a man who believes he knows his reality only to have the panes of his illusion come crashing down on him.

Blindless – Once his reality is shattered Aug finds himself blindless to the truth of his situation.

Timeless – As Aug’s Time lessens he accepts the timeless adage that “Less is More”

The Less Trilogy is designed for “tent-pole” film production. More information about such production is available on the tab Creating Painless as a Big Budget Movie as well as by reading the Corporation X Business Plan (packed with The Byzantine Pineapple).

2. The Byzantine Pineapple (Parts 1, 2 and 3)

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting a different result. The “right” and the “left” are bereft of ideas to once and for all solve the current failures of existing Socio-Economic-Legal-Political (SELP) systems. Globally the “Right” and the “Left” have created a Byzantine System of laws where every person is illegal. No matter what any individual is doing they are somehow someway doing something illegal. And…since everything every individual is doing is recorded there is always evidence available to prove guilt of crime. And since being guilty of crime makes one a criminal then the state can confiscate the assets of criminals.

At the same time tax laws and public spending are annually changed to benefit those who reside within The Byzantine Pineapple. Those inside the Pineapple wall eat the fruit and those outside can’t penetrate the Pineapple wall.

Think of it this Common Sense way. The US (and other government) Federal deficits have dramatically grown over the last decade but what is there to really show for it? Not Much. Ask yourself: Where did all the money go?” The answer is: To those inside the wall of The Byzantine Pineapple.

The Byzantine Pineapple presents new idea solutions to the SELP issues existing today. The Byzantine Pineapple Part 1 offers a new macroeconomic tax formula that is applicable to any level of government. Further books offer legal system reforms as well as a more detailed implementation map.

Actually…by buying Corporation X products as well as signing up for the quarterly Corporation X newsletter…you are personally helping make the reforms come about. Corporation X is designed to be a profitable investment for investors while at the same time using the profits to promote The Byzantine Pineapple reforms. The reader can know that those involved with Corporation X are about promoting and implementing logical and peaceful system reform that treat people equitably no matter their demographic factors.

Another way to think about it is that every day of the author’s life the author is promoting a peaceful method of improving the life of everyone on the globe. If the reader wants to help join in building the vision the reader is welcome.

3. UnManifest Destiny

Capitalism teaches that organizations must grow or die…but…how is the USA looking to grow? The USA is NOT looking to grow. This is the UnManifest Destiny of the USA.

4. The Salvador Dali Cyfer

The Salvador Dali Cyfer combines the TV Show Charmed with The DaVinci Code (and other products) into an entertaining trilogy.

5. NLM

NLM was primarily written in 2010. The author was performing a book signing at a Borders Books (R.I.P.) in Atlanta and spent time speaking with a mother…drop-out daughter…and grandchild. The daughter was maturing and found she enjoyed reading and learning. The author discussed with the family the options available in the African-American section of the store and the daughter expressed frustration over the books available. Every book seemed to be “Woe is me; I am descended from slaves” or “I am a gangsta\rapper.” The family wanted something more. NLM was the result of that meeting.

NLM will undoubtedly be labeled by some as “the most obscene book ever written.” The author would not be surprised if book burnings are arranged after publication. At the same time of all the products that the author has that were market tested seemingly every person the author talked to really wanted to read the book!

The plan is to self-publish and…while professional reviews will be purchased and contests will be entered…to make the book only available for purchase directly through the author. That way no company has to be subjected to calls for boycotts over vending the product.


The opinion of the author is that politicians have a split personality. They are Smarmy like an elite clique of schoolgirls who dominate the rest of the class through their wealth and arrogance. Or they are…in their minds…the biggest porn stars that ever existed. All Senator Smarmy stories reflect this opinion.

The signature Smarmy story is the musical Party Gate Late which takes place on the windmill-powered Manor Farm. Characters Arrghh and Hip Pop crash the party dressed as the Salahi’s Salaciously’s. The first act ends with some Gooble Gobblling and as Arrghh and Hip Pop are transformed into “one of them.” The second act features Game Shows such as Washingtoga Squares. The final act winds up the Party.


Undoubtedly the author will be labeled by those who dislike the author’s works. It happens all the time that people are presented to be something they are not via the labeling process. Mom’s Amazing Journey is about what and who the author really is.

The author and his brother are and have been for a decade now the primary caregivers to their now 93 year old mother. Before Mom really lost her sense of comprehension and ability to walk some distance the author arranged to spend a month on a journey driving from Florida to Glacier National Park in Wyoming to “scratch that itch” that Mom had. The journey went to Biloxi, Nashville, Saint Louis, Kansas City and back along Route 2 through Grand Rapids, MI, and down to Jacksonville. This book is a log of the journey.

8. H & JOB

Politicians and pundits talk about “jobs” all the time. The Village Idiot scoffs with derision at what they talk about as most of them seemingly have no idea what most people have to go through for a job.

This true story (lightly fictionalized for entertainment value) is about how The Village Idiot was told to fire an employee for no reason but office politics. The Village Idiot had no choice but to comply only to find himself 2 weeks later delivering the eulogy of a suicide that would never have happened if the employee had not been needlessly and without any good reason fired.


The Village Idiot moved some goods into storage. The Village Idiot then had to deal with the storage company botching a roofing job not only on the Village Idiot’s possessions but also the possessions of everyone else in the facility. Eye See You is about what happened and what happened next.


The Village Idiot made a day trip from Biloxi to New Orleans with Mom. Since Mom was limited in motion it was decided to take a tour ride. Upon return to the car it had been keyed. What happens next is the story.


After the death of The Best and the Brightest in Vietnam America was left with The Worst and the Dumbest. This series of novels is their story.


Debbie and her high school friends are off to see Def Leppard. TWord of “below stage” has reached them and they are not going to miss out.


In 2007 Daniella sells SubPrime real estate loans in Miami. Her deals have gotten bigger over the years but she is still SubPrime to everything in her life.


The Lovecraftian Old Ones haven’t died. In fact…they have expanded their realm throughout the USA.


Think Spinal Tap meets the Pop Music World.


These are the adventures of Captain Names Z. Smirk of the spaceship Alamo. Captain Smirk is initially recruited to the space station Gamma 4 to lead an expedition to destroy an asteroid that has been found to be hurtling towards Earth. At the end of the first story the galaxy wide journey starts to discover who sent the asteroid hurtling towards Earth…and why.